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August 24, 2013

Joe StefkoA great article on Joe Stefko publisher of the amazing Charnel House Editions.

Charnel House began in earnest with Dean Koontz, of whom Stefko is a fan. Koontz gave Stefko a copy of the Beastchild paperback, and, with help from Ken Keller at Nemo Press, Stefko taught himself the basics of fine bookmaking. In what would become a Charnel House tradition, he incorporated aspects of theBeastchild storyline into the binding’s design; the numbered copies were bound in lizard, making for an especially tactile reading experience. “Basically I took it and came back almost a year later and handed him a copy of both editions [lettered and numbered—Charnel House produces two versions of each title]. He loved them.”
For his part, Koontz said, “Working with Joe is great fun because he’s an entertaining guy and because he’s got an exceptional talent for designing and producing exquisite limited editions. His books are always thoughtful and clever and well made—and often as downright sensuous as a book can be.”

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