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Horror in Vancouver: Jeff Goldblum and that Aerosmith chick in Britannia Mine

June 14, 2014

hideaway_1995_8Vancouver has not been kind to Dean Koontz.
First you had his awesome 1987 suspense novel, Watchers, being turned into a godawful Corey Haim vehicle up here in 1988.
Then seven years later you had his fine 1982 supernatural thriller, Hideaway, becoming the type of B.C.-shot trainwreck he tried to sue to get his name off of.
As the Vancouver correspondent for Fangoria when they shot Hideaway back in 1994, I had no idea it was going to wind up being crap. I just wanted to go on the local set and hang out with Jeff Goldblum for a while.
Not to mention that young lady from those hugely popular Aerosmith videos, Alicia Silverstone.
So here’s a shortened version of the set-visit piece I wrote for Fango 20 years ago. Please don’t feel like you have to actually watch Hideaway after reading it.

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