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Barb's Bookshelf: The City

August 23, 2014

The City (Cover 2)If you’ve been following my columns for a while, you already know that I am a rabid Dean Koontz fan, most notably of his “Odd Thomas” novels. I think I’ve read every one of his books, and own quite a few to re-read occasionally. However, he’s definitely struck another home run with The City. It’s weird, it’s magical, and it’s spooky too, all the things that make up a marvelous Koontz story!
Jonah Kirk is eight years old when we meet him, and his personality and insightfulness is similar to that of Odd Thomas. Jonah is the son of a wondrous singer still looking for her big break, and the grandson of an even more wonderful piano player. He loves the city, but not for its tall buildings, parks, and museums where he wanders, or the nightclubs where his mamma sings. He loves the city for its people.

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