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What’s New & Updated October 5, 2020

October 5, 2020

In what might be a first, the first US paperback edition of Devoted came out as a trade paperback, not a premium or mass market. Plus, I finally got my hands on an ARC of Elsewhere which is on its way to my shelves. It just so happens that they trade hardcover and CD editions of Elsewhere are in the mail as thy come out tomorrow. Lastly, Dean’s doing some online events this week (see earlier blog posts) to plan on next week’s update being very Elsewhere-centric.

  • Devoted trade paperback (formerly “paperback of unknown type”) and more marketing images
  • Elsewhere ARC, marketing images, and videos
  • Updated entry for A lizard named “Koontz” in Appendix G to include Gothic Blimp Works #3
  • Phantoms mention in Richard Laymon’s One Rainy Night