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What’s New & Updated February 12, 2023

February 12, 2023

Dean’s been on quite the virtual promotional tour for The House at the End of the World, and I’ve been sitting on a bunch of bookmarked things for a while. Strap in; there is hours worth of content here.

  • The Big Dark Sky large print hardcover
  • Appendix B additions
    • 7 Common Story Structures You Can Use in Your Novel by Jerry Jenkins
    • The Action Catalyst Episode 413: Hilarious Catastrophe, with Dean Koontz (Author, Publishing, Writing, Business)
    • Advocates for Self Governance: Dean Koontz
    • The Companion Chronicles’, Dean Koontz Interview
    • Collecting Dean Koontz by Adrienne Rivera
    • Dean Koontz: ‘I threatened to leave publishers if they wouldn’t stop putting the word horror on my books’
    • Dean Koontz on How to Sell 500 Million Books and Why ChatGPT Will Never Replicate the “Soul” of the Human Author
    • This Is Horror Podcast 481: Dean Koontz on The House at the End of the World and Odd Thomas
  • From the Desk of Dean Koontz: Now Available – The House at the End of the World
  • Additional online ads for The House at the End of the World
  • Horror Drive-In: “The Big Dark Sky, by Dean Koontz,” Horror Drive-In to The Big Dark Sky
  • Raised to Walk: “Devoted by Dean Koontz: Transhumanism, Ethics, & Happiness” to Devoted
  • Appendix H updated