Short Stories & Novellas

Beastchild (novella)

Venture Science Fiction

Release Date: August 1970
Copyright: © 1970 by Mercury Press, Inc.
Page Count: 130
Issue: Vol. 4, No. 6, Whole Number 16
Appears on page(s): 4-83,119
Cover Price: 60¢
On the cover:
A complete new novel by


Revised and expanded into the novel Beastchild.

Nominated for Hugo, 1971 – Best Novella category. The winner was Ill Met in Lankhmar by Fritz Leiber. (An Informal History of the Hugos by Jo Walton, p179)

A review of Hell’s Gate and The Dark Symphony (which mentions the Beastchild novella) by Yale Edeiken appears on pages 26-27 of the fanzine Canticles From Labowitz #7 (1971)

A letter from Darrell Schweitzer published in the fanzine Tomorrow And… #6 (1971) includes the following line: “…(but the Dean Koontz said he wtore Beastchild in 8 days…)”

“Novels in this series of Venture included…Dean Koontz’s “Beastchild.”
Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Weird Fiction Magazines edited by Marshall B. Tymm and Mike Ashley. Greenwood Press, 1985, p708.

This story being published in this magazine is mentioned on page 98 of Aliens, Robots, and Spaceships by Jeff Rovin (Facts on File, 1995)

The cover of this issue edition is featured on page 154 of Art of Imagination. According to the picture’s caption, this was the last issue of the magazine.


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