In regard to Rodney Leighton’s comments about Dark Rivers of the Heart


Release Date: June 1998
Copyright: Material in FOSFAX is copyright © 1998.
Format: Fanzine
Publisher: OhioScience Fiction and Fantasy Association
Page Count: 72
Issue: #191
Appears on page(s): 68
Original List Price: $3.00


FOSFAX is the newsletter of The Ohio Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.

This letter is a response to a presumed review of Dark Rivers of the Heart in a previous issue (#190?) of FOSFAX. I have yet to find a copy of the original review and will of course post details once I have done so.

This letter refers to Dark Rivers of the Heart having been quoted in “two law journal articles” regard asset forfeiture laws. They are:

  • Richard J. Troberman, Double Jeopardy in Forfeiture Law: Keeping the Defense Bar’s Winning Streak Alive, 21 J. Legis, 197 (1995)
  • Steven B. Roosa, Rules of Engagement for Armed Standoffs and the Last Full Measure of Devotion: Should Sedition be a Factor in the Use of Deadly Force, 28 Rutgers L.J. 229 (1996)

The letter also refers to the film Waco: The Rules of Engagement which I have found on YouTube and have embedded here. (This does not indicate any endorsement of any of the film’s content.)



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