Strange Highways and Other Stories


Release Date: August 2, 2022
Copyright: STRANGE HIGHWAYS © 1995 by Dean R. Koontz. CHASE 1972 by K.R. Dwyer (a pseudonym for Dean R. Koontz); revised version © 1995 by Dean R. Koontz. 2013, 2014 Brilliance Publishing, Inc., all rights reserved. Cover design by Brad DesNoyers and Shannon Finazzo; Cover images © Shutterstock 2022 2022 Brilliance Publishing, Inc.
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Read By: Performed by Tanya Eby, Dick Hill, Jeff Cummings, Nick Podehl, Will Damron
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18 Compact Discs / 22 Hours : 35 Minutes of listening UNABRIDGED
Original List Price:$29.99


2 MP3 Discs / 22 Hours : 30 Minutes of listening UNABRIDGED
Original List Price:$19.99


Sadly, neither audiobook edition specifies which author(s) read which stories. Just through listening, I can tell which stories are read by XXX. The rest I’ve just listed as having been read by one of the male readers. If anyone knows who’s who, please let me know.

Table of Contents

Title MP3 CD Read by
Strange Highways D1T1-18 D1T1-7,D2T2-5,D3T2-5,D4T2-5,D5T2-4 Male
The Black Pumpkin D1T19-22 D5T5,D6T2-5 Male
Miss Attila the Hun D1T23-38 D6T6-9/D7T2-9 Tanya Eby
Down in the Darkness D1T39-42 D7T10-13,D8T2-3 Male
Ollie’s Hands D1T43 D8T4 Male
Snatcher D1T44 D8T5,D9T2 Male
Trapped D2T1-17 D9T3-6,D10T2-15 Male & Tanya Eby
Bruno D2T18-22 D10T16,D11T2-6 Male
We Three D2T23-30 D11T7-13,D12T2-3 Tanya Eby
Hardshell D2T31-36 D12T4-9,D13T2 Male
Kittens D2T37 D13T3 Tanya Eby
The Night of the Storm D2T38 D13T4 Male
Twilight of the Dawn D2T39 D13T5,D14T2,D15T2 Male
Chase D2T40-50 D15T3-6,D16T2-6,D17T2-5,D18T2 Male

D=Disc(s) / T=Track(s)

Track one on all CDs except for Disc 1 announces the disc number and contains story content.

The last track on all CDs announces the end of the disc and contains no story content.

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