Twilight Eyes – Second Edition (DRK)

UK Trade Hardcover

Release Date: April 16, 1987
Page Count: 478
ISBN-10: 0-491-03475-X
Cover Price: £11.95
States: No statement of printing

Uncorrected proof

Release Date: 1987
Format: Trade paperback w/ blue plain wraps
Publisher: Berkley Books
Page Count: 451

Preview Booklet

Release Date: 1987
Copyright: Same as Berkley paperback.
Publisher: Berkley Books
Page Count: 8
Cover Price: FREE!
A small promotional booklet was released in 1987 which states on the cover “FREE! Special Preview of the Berkley Paperback Coming in September” and contains the first five pages of the book. My copy has the Waldenbooks logo on the back but it is unclear as to whether this was a Waldenbooks exclusive or printed for multiple bookstore chains.

Mass Market Paperback

Release Date: September 1987
Copyright: © 1985, 1987 by Nkui, Inc.
Publisher: Berkley Books
Page Count: 451
ISBN-10: 0-425-10065-0
Cover Price: $4.95
States: “Berkley edition / September 1987" and “10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1"

Book Club Edition

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Release Date: 1987
Format: Reprint of the Berkley paperback edition
Page Count: 451
Book Club ID: #00649
UPC and ISBN (same as the paperback) on the back of the dj.


With the re-publication of this novel, Koontz revised and expanded the text from the first edition and labeled it “Part One” and included additional text and labeled it “Part Two”.  Part Two ends with “…but that was not the year our secret war with the goblins ended” implying a “Part Three” which has yet to be published.

The Berkley and W.H. Allen editions have a slightly different version of Part One.

Both the UK hardcover and US paperback editions state “A slightly different version of Part One of TWILIGHT EYES was published in a special illustrated hardcover edition for collectors by The Land of Enchantment in November 1985.  This is the first publication of the complete story.” However, both cannot be the “first”.

The cover of the W.H. Allen hardcover edition is featured on page 455 of Art of Imagination.

Other editions:

French paperback
UK Star paperback

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