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What’s New & Updated January 4, 2021

January 4, 2021

This is what happens when I get three days off in the middle of the week and start digging through my “do deal with” bookmarks while watching TV. Heads up, if you like interviews, there’s a bunch of them here for your reading, listening, and watching pleasure.

  • “AARP Minute” & “The Dangerous World of Devoted” videos to Devoted
  • Anthony Dean to Appendix F
  • “Dean Koontz Inspires Hope in Latest Novel, Devoted” (Interview) to Appendix B
  • CAP Radio: Dean Koontz Takes Readers On A ‘Techno-Thriller’ Ride In His New ‘Jane Hawk’ Series to Appendix B
  • Dog Save the People podcast: Wondrous Again w/ Dean Koontz to Appendix B
  • The Eyes of Darkness Fontana UK mass market paperback cover
  • The Good Guy lettered edition photo
  • The Horror Writer: A Study of Craft and Identity in the Horror Genre by Joe Mynhardt to Appendix G
  • Framed autographed letter to House of Thunder
  • In conversation with Dean Koontz at Live Talks Los Angeles to Appendix B
  • In Laymon’s Terms lettered edition photo to Appendix G
  • Joshua Graham interviews Dean Koontz to Appendix B
  • Just One More Chapter Podcast #29: Dean Koontz to Appendix B
  • The Key to Midnight 1st UK mass market paperback cover
  • Megadeth tweet re: Megadeth Versus Godzilla
  • Nightmare Magazine interview to Appendix B
  • @Snarkyspice has an Odd Thomas tattoo
  • @elliotbebop has done some amazing alternate cover art for Odd Thomas
  • Unused VHS cover art for Phantoms by Christopher Ray Bullock
  • Suspense Magazine, Winter 2020 Short Q&A to Appendix B
  • The Warriors: Jailbreak to Appendix F