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What’s New & Updated March 29, 2021

March 29, 2021

Well, release weeks always have a bunch of items to add. In this case it was mostly online events that Dean participated in recently. I was also able to fill a small hole in mu UK edition collection and Noah Mitchell found a bit of ephemera that I somehow missed all those years ago. Enjoy!

  • Cage of Night by Ed Gorman to Appendix G
  • From the Desk of Dean: The Other Emily – Available Now!
  • Night Chills UK Headline HC cover
  • The Other Emily
    • Trade hardcover
    • Promotional media
    • Board and endpaper photos
    • Differences between ARC & Trade HC
    • Added to Appendix H
  • Son of Endless Night (eBook) by John Farris to Appendix D
  • Events to Appendix B
    • A Conversation with Dean Koontz, Tuscon Festival of Books
    • An Evening with Dean Koontz, Harrogate Festivals
    • Dean Koontz in conversation with Michael Koryta
    • Author live Series with Dean Koontz,