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Midnight Pals 3

January 15, 2023

Just stumbled over this. Found the now-closed Indigogo campaign and hoping there will be another way to purchase a copy when it comes out.

Koontz, family of 5…

December 13, 2022

After Death comes in 2023

October 8, 2022

You heard it here first folks! After Death is slated for a July 18th release date, according to Amazon.

A modern-day Lazarus is humanity’s last hope in a breathtaking novel about the absolute powers of good and evil by Dean Koontz, the #1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense.

Michael Mace, head of security at a top-secret research facility, opens his eyes in a makeshift morgue twenty-four hours following an event in which everyone perished―including him and his best friend, Shelby Shrewsberry.

Having awakened with an extraordinary ability unlike anything he―or anyone else―has ever imagined, Michael is capable of being as elusive as a ghost. He sets out to honor his late friend by helping Nina Dozier and her son, John, whom Shelby greatly admired. Although what Michael does for Nina is life changing, his actions also evoke the wrath of John’s father, a member of one of the most vicious street gangs in Los Angeles.

But an even greater threat is descending: the Internal Security Agency’s most vicious assassin, Durand Calaphas. Calaphas will stop at nothing to get his man. If Michael dies twice, he will not live a third time.

From the tarnished glamour of Beverly Hills to the streets of South Central to a walled estate in Rancho Santa Fe, only Michael can protect Nina and John―and ensure that light survives in a rapidly darkening world.

What’s New & Updated September 11, 2022

September 11, 2022

I’ll be at the day job tomorrow so this week’s update is a day early.

The House at the End of the World cover released

September 8, 2022

Watchers Limited Editions coming this fall!

August 13, 2022

According to Charnel House’s news page, “WATCHERS by Dean Koontz will be available for pre-order in September.” Sadly, no further details are available at this time.

Happy birthday Dean!

July 9, 2022

“Friend of Man and Woman”

July 4, 2022

I promised no updates today and then this happens. Looks like there’s a new edition (Audio, HC, and TPBK) of Demon Seed now available along with a new short story “Friend of Man and Woman” described as “the technological terror continues in Dean’s sinister NEW short story follow-up.”

What’s New & Updated June 6, 2022

June 6, 2022

Yep, spend a full week offline and it takes a week to catch up. There’s not much this week but it’s not nothing.

Bootlegs or Just Poorly Done Amazon Print-on-demand?

May 1, 2022

The following titles have had some interesting reprints lately:

When the first two of them were released I that these were bootleg editions that someone who wasn’t authorized to sell these editions for the following reasons:

  • There is no cover price listed on the books.
  • The copyright pages are woefully incomplete.
  • They contain no statement of printing.
  • There is a print-on-demand barcode on the last page.
  • The publisher is listed as “Independently Published”.
  • The Also By Dean Koontz page on The Voice of the Night lists “The Darkest Evening of the Yea”, a pretty significant typo.

But as more of them have been released, I’m starting to reconsider the bootleg status of these editions for these reasons:

  • Now that there are four, you’d think someone would have noticed by now and put a stop to it.
  • The cover art on The Voice of the Night and The Eyes of Darkness both match the cover art for obviously legitimately released audiobook editions (Eyes forthcoming) from Brilliance Audio. I can’t imagine someone also bootlegging the art without someone noticing.

So, that’s where I stand on this issue right now. I’ll post updates if/when more information becomes available and/or additional evidence becomes available.

What’s New & Updated April 18, 2022

April 18, 2022

A half-day meeting 50 miles away came up today, so no time to focus on the zines. In the meantime here are a couple of nice little finds along with a new interview.

Dean signs new Five-Book Deal, first to be The House at the End of the World

March 10, 2022

According to The Bookseller:

Thomas & Mercer, an imprint of Amazon Publishing, has signed a five-book deal with Dean Koontz.   

Amazon Publishing editorial director Gracie Doyle acquired world English rights from Richard Pine and Kimberly Witherspoon at InkWell Management. The first instalment, The House at the End of the World, will be published in January 2023.  

Read the full article @ The Bookseller

Throwback Thursday: Phantoms costume

February 17, 2022

Yep, I own one of the original “space suits” from the Phantoms film.

The Reddit AMA that didn’t happen

February 7, 2022

Dean posted this Tweet on 26 January 2022 announcing a Reddit AMA scheduled for 31 January 2022. Moments before the event was to start, the tweet was deleted and no AMA happened that I could find.

By any chance does anyone have any additional information on what happened and/or if it will be rescheduled?

Koontz news from the Writers, Ink podcast

February 3, 2022

Two interesting tidbits from Dean’s recent interview on the Writers, Ink podcast:

  • RE: Quicksilver (26:40)
    “I’ve been asked whether this is a series or not, but no it’s not; I think it works as a stand-alone.”
  • RE: The next books (47:08)
    “I just signed a new five book contract and delivered the first book.”
    [I’m assuming The Big Dark Sky is that first book.]

Dean Koontz in conversation with Tess Gerritsen, Feb 9, 2022

January 30, 2022

Unfortunately, the live (online) event costs $40 to attend so I will not be attending. Here’s hoping they make the recording freely available once it’s over. You can find complete details on the Facebook event page.

Dean to do a Reddit AMA on Jan 31, 2022

January 28, 2022

What’s New & Updated December 20, 2021

December 20, 2021

We’re several people short at my day job so I’m not exactly up to working on this a whole bunch to be honest. The holiday’s aren’t going to help. But I’ll keep chugging along the best I can. I will say I’ve got some posts pre-scheduled for the next week or tow so even if there aren’t updates like these you’ll still be getting new content. Happy holidays!

Secret Forest news

October 23, 2021

According to Paulx Evens who heard it from Dean: “Update – Dean bought it back from Harper Collins and it’ll appear at some point under Amazon. Possibly the first book in a new deal.”
Source: Facebook

Photo by Bryan Rodriguez on Unsplash

The Big Dark Sky coming in July 2022

October 5, 2021

Preorder the Hardcover or Audio CD today. (Or the trade paperback coming out in January 2023.)